ASGBI Women in Surgery

ASGBI has recently set up a Facebook forum entitled ‘ASGBI Women in Surgery’ which you can access and join here. The Forum aims to understand whether barriers exist to deter women from choosing surgery as a career, and if so, what these barriers are, and what we can do to reduce them. The Forum also endeavours to uphold the Association’s founding mission: “...the advancement of the science and art of surgery and the promotion of friendship amongst surgeons”. Both men and women are encouraged to join in the discussion, and non-ASGBI members are also most welcome!

Women in Surgery Symposium |  Friday 5th October 2018

Registration has now opened, click here for full details.

Click here for full details on the Women in Surgery Symposium. 

We look forward to a fruitful discussion with you all!

If you encounter any technical difficulties or would like to know more about the Group, please contact Vicki Grant on:


ASGBI welcomes members from all surgical fields.

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