ASGBI Women in Surgery

ASGBI has recently set up a Facebook forum entitled ‘ASGBI Women in Surgery’ which you can access and join here. The Forum aims to understand whether barriers exist to deter women from choosing surgery as a career, and if so, what these barriers are, and what we can do to reduce them. The Forum also endeavours to uphold the Association’s founding mission: “...the advancement of the science and art of surgery and the promotion of friendship amongst surgeons”. Both men and women are encouraged to join in the discussion, and non-ASGBI members are also most welcome!

Key Questions

So as to kick-start the discussion, and to provide a bit of structure to the Forum, we invite members to consider the following generic questions, and to share your thoughts on as many as you wish!

  • Do you think surgery is still a male dominated field?
  • Do you feel discriminated against or have you witnessed any form of discrimination to others?
  • What are the hidden barriers?
  • Is there a glass ceiling and if so, at which level of training?
  • What did other specialties do differently to attract women?
  • What should surgery as a specialty do to modernise itself?
  • Less than full time training (LTFT) and maternity leave are in place but still don’t seem to be effective for women. What more could be done?

Many of you may also be aware of the #ILookLikeASurgeon campaign, which refers to the unconscious bias of thinking of a surgeon as a male doctor. We would also invite you to consider these additional questions:

  • Does gendered language still exist in surgery and if so, how widespread is it?
  • Which are the most sexist specialties?
  • Calling it out - how have you challenged sexist language?
  • Fess up - have you been guilty of using gendered language?
  • Has gendered language affected your career choice?
  • What would your advice be to colleagues dealing with sexist language in the workplace?

We look forward to a fruitful discussion with you all!

If you encounter any technical difficulties or would like to know more about the Group, please contact Vicki Grant on:


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