There are pressing reasons why ASGBI should be clear about its direction of travel during the next few years. We are operating during times of rapid change to our working environment. Furthermore, the surgical professional environment has become very crowded. The Royal Colleges, The Senate of Surgery, Specialty and Sub-specialty Associations and the FSSA all jockey for attention. This results in a huge duplication of work and effort across our professional bodies, poor decision-making processes and a reactive rather than proactive philosophy. We can fulfil the purposes of the Association if we are a thriving institution that is recognised by our members as useful and important.

The purposes of the Association are admirably encompassed by the original ‘mission’ statement of our founding fathers ‘…for the advancement of the science and art of surgery and the promotion of friendship amongst surgeons’.

There are extremely strong specialty and other interest groupings within the Association, which reflect delivery of clinical services. The nature of the Association is as a federation of these specialty interests. The guiding principle is that the Association exists primarily to serve the interests of our patients.

ASGBI welcomes members from all surgical fields.

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