The Surgical Forum of Great Britain and Ireland supports call for inquiry into the Ian Paterson case

The Surgical Forum of Great Britain and Ireland says that surgeon Ian Paterson’s practice was unacceptable and raises concerns about the practice of surgery across the British Isles, and has supported the call for an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the case.

The recent publicity attending the Nottingham trial and conviction of Solihull surgeon Ian Paterson is a matter of grave concern to the whole surgical community.  It raises concerns about the practice of surgery in the British Isles.  Although this case primarily involved the treatment of women with breast conditions the principles of patient safety and multidisciplinary team working are equally as important in all surgical disciplines.  The public deserve reassurance that surgeons strive to work for the benefit of our patients and recognise that this aim of excellence, safety and quality in care remains at the core of surgical practice today.  It is also evident that society is changing and Surgeons are rightly being challenged about their practices by an increasingly knowledgeable and questioning public.  Rightly, in our view, surgical outcomes for individual surgeons are now in the public domain.  We as surgeons need to reassure patients that decisions are based on multidisciplinary team working.  No surgeon should be working in isolation.

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