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  • JCIE: Applications to the Panels of Question Writers

    The Joint Committee on Intercollegiate Examinations (JCIE) has agreed that the ten Intercollegiate Specialty Boards would welcome applications to join the Panels of Question Writers for the Section 1 examination from colleagues in the SAS Grade.  This agreement has been approved by the four Presidents at the Joint Surgical Colleges meeting.

  • The Clinical Coding & Schedule Group

    The Clinical Coding & Schedule Development Group (CCSD) CCSD Board are looking for input with regard to the CCSD Schedule, the common standard of procedure codes and narratives that are used within the independent healthcare sector.

  • ASGBI submission to Dame Clare Marx review on Gross Negligence Manslaughter and Culpable Homicide

    In April 2018, ASGBI’s prepared a position statement which was endorsed formally by all three British Surgical Royal Colleges, and then submitted to the Williams review. ASGBI was subsequently invited to prepare a submission for the Marx review, commissioned by the GMC, which is now being led by Leslie Hamilton.

    In preparing the ASGBI response to the questions posed by this review, we were very pleased to have had the support of ASGBI members who replied to the questionnaire sent out in July, and your views were very useful in helping us to formulate our response to the GMC.

  • New guidelines on pelvic fracture - including need for colostomy in some patients

    Pelvic fractures must be managed within a trauma system with defined referral pathways. They can be associated with significant haemorrhage, urological injury and other injuries. Specialist units, based at Major Trauma Centres, should have the ability to provide multidisciplinary care for these patients as well as specialist orthogeriatric care for those sustaining fragility fractures.

  • Position Statement on the Legal Aspects of "Medical Manslaughter"

    ASGBI has collaborated with the Presidents of the UK based Surgical Royal Colleges and FSSA to produce the enclose position statement that has been submitted to Professor Sir Norman Williams’ Review into the issues relating to gross negligence manslaughter in healthcare. 

  • Clinical Excellence Awards | 2018 round | England & Wales

    The ACCEA 2018 applications will open on 13th February 2018 and is expected to follow a similar format to previous years. The timetable is extremely tight; the ACCEA closing date is Thursday 12th April 2018

  • BASO~ACS Grants and Fellowships

    BASO~ACS have now opened The Ronald Raven Fellowship Grant 2017 and the BASO (NIHR) Project Grants 2017 and the applications are invited for both the fellowship and the project grants. Click here to learn more and apply.

  • Statement from the Surgical Forum

    The Surgical Forum of Great Britain and Ireland says that surgeon Ian Paterson’s practice was unacceptable and raises concerns about the practice of surgery across the British Isles, and has supported the call for an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the case.

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