We are pleased to announce a leading edge one day meeting for surgeons, anaesthetists and their teams on Emergency Laparotomy.

Emergency laparotomy remains a big challenge but practice is changing. Some teams have reduced their mortality substantially. Why not come and join us for a one-day meeting to hear the latest results, and learn how you can make your outcomes better in your hospital from groups who have achieved just that and join experts exploring key issues.  An excellent group of speakers has been assembled for what promises to be a very worthwhile day.

Topics include:

  • Latest comparative results from NELA and several other national studies including ELF (frailty) and ELC (emergency laparotomy collaborative)
  • Contrast these with new studies from the US and Australia - are we doing better or worse than international comparators and why?
  • Frailty in the emergency surgical patient, its assessment, management and outcomes is the coming challenge. What are current results? How should we best approach these patients and what are the outcomes in those who do not have laparotomy?
  • Controversies in care: should critical care be mandatory for all emergency laparotomy patients? Is it achievable? Is it inevitable?
  • Small bowel obstruction – how delay affects mortality and defining the ideal pathway
  • Key steps in improving your team: how QI improves laparotomy outcomes works in other
    units; team approaches to joint M&M and how to make it work for you.



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